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Correct color for interior

Once again looking for advice and guidance. Working on a GT/CS with a RED standard interior, trim code 7D. Purchased a few rattle cans of "rainbow" interior paint and dye but after experimenting with the ash tray and glove box door it is plain that the color in the can is WAY WAY OFF! So, has anyone on this forum found the correct color for the two reds used in this interior. The metal parts of the doors, the 1/4 trim panels, package tray, steering column, metal part of the dash and the console are all one shade of red/burgandy, while the dash pad, the dash pad retaining trim and the windsheild pillars are a different shade. The colors used originally have lost some of their lustre but the colors in these cans are far too deep to have ever been correct. Also having a struggle with the color of the crash pad and the center pad on the steering wheel, which appear to have been much darker than anything else in the interior, They seem to be more the color of the steering wheel, a darker burgandy. Sure would appreciate any advice or experience any of you can share. Also curious about the console. It appears to be the same color as the metal part of the dash, doors ,etc, rather than the color of the dash pad - is this what you as a group have found. Only want to do this as correctly as possible and hope that one or more of you have found a color that duplicates the original. I have the original RM paint codes for the interior paint and that is the number stamped on the Rainbow cans, but they also say for a 69 as well, and the 69 colors are different according to my reference material.
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