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I have the same problem in my 67 Fastback. I put a two gauge aftermarket cluster below the ignition key on the bottom of the dash, "60's style". Never have liked it. Hard to see and it looks so "added". I have been trying to come up with a way to add two gauges tastefully. The 67 Shelby had a two gauge pod under the radio. The 68 Shelby had a full console with the oil and alt gauges. Best I have seen so far.

You can get a windshield post 2 and 3 gauge pod. A little to "new age tuner" for me. My brother in law mounted 3 gauges in the dash plate area above the radio. His is a non- air conditioning car and so are both of mine. He used three 1 1/2 diameter gauges and they are very small. And they would not fit in the factory piece so he used a piece of aluminum. It looks “ok” but still not what I like. The ashtray thought looked ok, but out of place. If you could find a way to “tastefully” add a factory looking piece above the radio that matched the instrument cluster and dash piece above the glove box and wide enough to support three 2 and 1/16 diameter gauges…. Yah babe!! I think you could pinch the dash pad enough to get a wide enough piece and be unnoticeable. But it would not match up well with the other two dash pieces….

Haneline has the instrument cluster with 4 holes. If they offered it in Woodgrain, it may be a nice way to go.

This has been a pet peeve of mine for years. How to do this tastefully. You will more than likely end up with a two gauge cluster on the bottom of the dash like I did. Cheapest way.

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