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Lower Console

This is kinda a classified, but here goes. I have converted all my stock gauges to Autometer gauges. Now I have tach in my GT/CS. But of course I do not have “idiot” lights for the oil pressure and the ammeter like a car with a factory tach. Not a big idiot light guy. I like gauges. And I want a boost gauge for the car for the supercharger. Soooo….. I experimented with mounting a couple gauges to my ashtray. Made some pods and butchered an old ashtray…… Did not like the look. Sooo… Back to the drawing board. Actually back to what Carroll Shelby did in 1968. I am going to purchase a 1968 Shelby console from Tony Branda. I will mount the oil pressure and a voltmeter gauge in the console. The wood grain look will go great with my deluxe interior. Boost gauge is already in the clock (center) position in the instrument cluster! White faces. I love the look! If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am not an originality guy. The mods I do are easy to turn back to stock, but not a huge issue to me.

That said, is there anyone interested in a complete black lower console? It is in very good original condition with no cracks. Padded parts are perfect. The roll up door is in great shape. I few minor pits on the very most outer edge of the top plate where it meets the pad. The top plate needs the black paint redone, but that is all. It is missing the factory panel that forms the back of the storage area under the radio. I made one from a piece of sheet plastic and it holds the light. Works fine. I have seen some parts on ebay and you may be able to pick up this panel. All wiring harnesses are there and all lights work. Factory bracket under the radio is included as will be the shifter with the correct bracket to move the shift indicator light.

The radio mounting area on the front plate of the console has been carefully modified to except a small aftermarket radio AND still support a stock radio. I can supply you with extra nuts to adjust the depth of a stock radio if you use one. Radio opening is NOT butchered in any way. I did not cut the front plate radio opening or the padded panel on the front. You cannot tell it was done unless you disassemble the console. If you pull the knobs off the radio, you can tell if you look very closely. I have a small Kenwood radio that fit just fine in the original opening.

Basically, a very good original lower console totally complete sans that back panel as mentioned. I will not tell you that it is perfect, but it is in great shape. Went on ebay and saw a bunch of very rough ones. Mostly 67 consoles. Thought I might offer it up here first. I can take some pics if someone is interested.

Anyway I am looking at $600.00 for it. This will cover the cost of the Shelby console. 67 reproduction console is $1k. Have not seen a 68 repop yet.

Hey, I have some “free” gauge pods if anyone is interested. Built about 20 of them while I was at it.

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