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Re:To Our Florida GT/CS friends...


Your story, without a doubt, is the most moving owner's story that I've ever read--from the hundreds that I've received in the mail for the registry--in the past 18 years...

Although personally surviving a hurricane is the most important--your story captures how we all feel about our GT/CS (HCS) cars. Somehow, these Mustangs bring on a personality all their own, and the affection and appreciation for them is very high. Yes, they are "just metal", but they become parts of our lives, and also become a member of the family.

I think we all have had to deal with the advent of loss like this, but your story really had me thinking last night.

I am so glad that you and your wife, and the car are all OK. Sorry to hear about your neighbors' misfortune.

Thanks for sharing your story.


p.s. so when do you start on the reinforced steel and concrete garage?
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