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Re:To Our Florida GT/CS friends...


Thank you for your concern. My GT/CS and I are located in Palm Bay, FL we were hit hard. I was very fortunate though, my neighbors carport and roof were ripped off and thrown against my roof. I have a few leaks in my roof and water damage in my kitchen, but the garage and the GT/CS survived with no injuries. Other than the leaky roof and no power for 4 days, we came thru better than expected. My neighbors was not as lucky, and his house is not in any condition to live in.

On Wedesday night before the mass evacuation, I told the wife we are taking the 'Stang out, for what could possibly be her last ride. Then we were prepared for direct hit of the eye of a catagory 4 hurricane. We drove down US1 South for over a hour enjoying the view of the beach. On the way home I opened her up flew home, hit 110MPH man it was fun as heck. She had performed flawlessly for me, it was the best way to possibly end 20 years of ownership. I covered her up and abandoned her on Thursday. When we were allowed to go home on Sunday, I was quite relieved to see my house and garage still there. I thank the lord for sparing my place as many other people lost or had severe damage to their homes. I only hope other owners of classis vehicles here in Florida were as lucky as me.


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