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I will try to answer
1. Hoses
* RH C8OZ9B466-A marked as C8OE-9B466-E (12.48" long)
* LH C8AZ-9B466-D marked as C8OE-9C433-C (28.87" long)
* Diverter C8OE9F287-A (5" long) Book shows that this is cut from a C7AZ-9B466-A
2. Yes, they were marked.
I would recomend that you go to the local auto parts and find two hoses with a 90% near the end and cut to fit. Also look for a hose with a S in it and cut to fit the diverter valve. Drive the car and resolve all the other issues before spending big $$$$ on these hoses to enter your car in the trailer queen class. Otherwise just enjoy it!

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