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Window Cleaning Trick!!!

If you are like me, washing the windows inside your Mustang (or any other car for that matter) is the biggest pain in the butt of the whole cleaning process. There is always that damn film that builds up on the inside of the windows that you do not notice until 12am at night when you are driving home from a party and the oncoming car headlight about blind you because of the film build up on the windows. You tell yourself at that late hour, "damn, I really need to clean the windows". You go home go to bed, wake up the next morning and forget all about the promise you made to yourself about the window cleaning (until the next night drive).

Anyway, I had a customer of mine purchase an exhaust system and he told me about this new Myra Fiber cloth that makes cleaning windows a breeze. Simply slightly dampen it, and wipe....streak free, crystal clear window with no sprays or streaks. Oh, and it lasts forever and is washable. Assuming it was probably a gimmick, I figured I would give it a try....

All I can say is WOW...this thing REALLY does works!!! It wipes your windows perfectly clean without any effort.

Guy's, this is not a Gimmick...You are missing the boat if you do not use this handy little towel to clean your windows. It works as advertised, if not better. No more glass cleaner over spray on my dash, ever!!!

I promise you, this will be the best $6 bucks you EVER spent.

They are so good, I immediately purchased a 500 of them, and have then ready to ship out. (FREE Shipping). Order below

The Ultimate Cloth

Order above

Trust me on this one........Just order the darn thing !!!! you will want to personally call and thank me after using it!

Ken Marks
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