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To Our Florida GT/CS friends...

To all of those tonight in Florida....

I would like to send my best to Pete and his wife at Orlando Mustang, my friends at Mustang Monthly in Lakelend, and the many owners of GT/CS Mustangs all over Florida (about 20 cars--five of which are show quality!).

Although I am thinking and hoping for the best of ALL Floridans, my heart especially goes out to those I have gotten to know through my GT/CS Registry. Let's hope that those owners north and northwest of Florida are not affected by Francis in the coming days.

If anyone with a GT/CS (or any classic Mustang) experiences damage or loss, let us know, and we will offer our help and support in its restoration or repair.

This is a great group of Mustangers here--and I am proud to be part of it.

Paul M. Newitt

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