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Originally Posted by robert campbell View Post
First pic with the red tint gave me pause. But seeing it in the dash with the red pad and white dash!!!! Looks great!! Way cool car and you are a horsepower nut like me. I have a licese plate frame inspired by a NASCAR announcer on my 677 Fastback. "Here Chevy Chevy Chevy"!!!!

Not sure what the GT/CS will get after I tune the Paxton/Novi in. I have been looking at those new Edlebrock fuel injections. A Paxton feeding one of those would be cool and easier to tune with more driveability. Sure Rob just another 3 grand and you can have one of those.... Might have to do this in stages....

It gave me pause at first, too. I first tried it out on an old glove box door I had laying around. I put that on and drove around for about a week before I decided I liked it and did the gauge cluster. But since I had it out, I figured I'd go ahead and change all the gauges to save myself the added work (my justification anyway).

I've been thinking about an EFI system for my 68 as well. I haven't decided yet, though.

BTW, that convertible is no slouch. The engine dynoed at 419 HP & 437 lbs-ft of torque. I have a slip yoke in my garage that I'm going to make into a trophy sometime. The car actually twisted it. When you look inside it, it looks like a rifle barrel. I kept going through rear u-joints, so after about the 3rd one, I decided to replace the pinion yoke with a beefier one that would give more support to the u-joint. But that required cutting down the driveshaft. So off it goes to the driveline shop. I get a call from the driveline shop, telling me I should come look at this slip yoke. needless to say, it's been replaced with a billet piece that is much stronger. No more u-joint problems.


HP numbers are good and all, but they're like asking someone how much they can bench. What difference does it make, if I can still kick your ass.
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