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I do prefer the 1967-68 model Mustang over the 1964.5-1966 Mustangs.

For all Mustangs, these years do look the best in all body styles in my opinion.

Fastbacks of all years 1965-1970 do look good in my book, although I like the 1970 single headlights better than 1969 doubles.

If I were to add a Mustang Coupe to the small fleet that I have, it would only be a 1968. And, I would modify it similarly to how I modified my 1968 XR7. Disc brakes, beefed up suspension, high back bucket seats. And I would have to add full instrumentation and a console.

1967's are fine, but I would select the 1968 because they have the collapsible steering columns, and non-bulbous horn pads.

Scott Behncke
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West Coast Classic Cougar A good source for Mustang mechanical parts too.
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