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Gauge Cluster

Just modified my instrument cluster to accept 5 inch and 2 and 1/16 inch diameter gauges. These are Autometer “Phantom” series. The back photo shows the plate that is available from Larry Bush of Northwest Mustang LLC for under 50 dollars that makes this possible. Larry is the main supplier of the new LED sequential lights to Mustang retailers that many of you are using. Of note he has an improved version of those LED’s that will hit the streets soon. Better definition between the on off sequence as they move through the cycle. There are turn key cluster units from JME for about $1200.00. And Haneline makes one with engine turn instead of woodgrain, brush aluminum, or camera case. It looks icky to me.

The cluster was an easy job for me and all you needed was a hacksaw blade and a small high-speed cutting tool. And some patience. Great winter project. I wanted a tach for my planned supercharger and the factory tachs are just to slow. My 67 Mustang tach works great, but I hit the 7k rev limiter way before the tach can catch up.

All said I have about $400 dollars in all of this. Need to finish the wiring, but that will be easy. You can get black face gauges from Autometer or any supplier that has 5 inch and 2 1/16 diameter gauges. You can step up to the 2 and 5/8 diameter smaller gauges if you want to modify further. The plate from Larry is set up for that. I have all the part numbers and the fuel gauge is supposed to mate with our stock sending units. My car has the convenience group option with the low fuel light. Hope it works well with the fuel gauge. More later.

I am looking at a modification to my ashtray door to house my volt meter and boost gauge. Boost for the supercharger this winter/next spring. I am an old sheetmetal guy who never smoked. Looks like a great place for two gauges that can change back to original in a heartbeat. More later on that.

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