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Than you all for the responsee to my Questions regarding comparsions between HCS & GT/CS Ford Mustang 1968. my mind is now settled on a 1968 GT/CS with a 289-V8 . I read an article I got in Mustang times Febraury 2006 (Gold Rush) a total of 4325 were built how many still are reported to exsist is any one's guess?
The GT/Cs package added $194.31 not including the GT package and was the only none Shelby built Mustang during 1968. That sounds like a rare package to me.
I am surprise this artilce sliped pass me. I have been a member of MCA for over 10 years, I am glad I got the back issue . I am sure my orginal issues are still in boxes I haven't decided were to place them yet.

Thanks again all for your in put.

Bob Geco
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