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First, welcome to the forum! This will be just an opinion, and not the answers you seek, since those answers are probably so subjective that no answer exists. (1) The CS seems to be the most desireable car, but for reasons other than the obvious. I suspect their popularity comes in part from the fact that they are more well known. Many people in the Mustang hobby can at least quote some "fact" about the CS, but few know that the HC is on this planet, let alone know anything of the circumstances that made it happen nor have they so much as seen an example of the HC mustang. Before something can be desireable it must be recognized and folks must be educated about a specific vehicle. So, yes, I think that the CS is the more desireable, and therefore easier to sell for more money than a comparable HC.
(2) I think there were about 250 HC Mustangs built. CS production was, in round numbers, 4000. So yes, the production of the HC vs the CS are quite lopsided. Rarity sometimes means increased value, but in this case rarity may mean the model is obscure and few seeking a Mustang would appreciate the rarity of the HC and would not pay more for the rarity, in fact they may pay lessdue to inability to recognize rarity.
(3)The drive train, options and interiors are the same between the two cars.
Remember, most of this is only how one person views the pecking order in the Mustang world. You can be sure that someone else is going to weigh in with their take on your questions.
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