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Should I charge $$ to join the GT/CS Registry?

Since 1985, I've been collecting information on the '68 GT/CS. I've been volunteering my time to do this for the past 23 years. Since collecting the data for the 1968 version is complete, I'm considering charging a small fee that is required to include your CS in the Registry.

This would NOT affect cars already in the Registry, and for those of you reading this--PRESENTLY--there is no current charge to join. I'm just soliciting responses to this idea right now....

This would be for the 1968, 2007, 2008, and 2009 GT/CS Mustangs, and I'm thinking of a $25 fee.. What I would do is include a registry decal, a dash plaque, and a certificate. People that sent in a copy of their Marti Report (early model)--or HVB form (late model), would have a notation of authenticity placed on their certificate. The late model dash plaque would be like the ones you see on the Shelbys--in the center of the dash, between the A/C registers. My having a Ford License opens the door to do this type of thing.

Of course, owners already in the GT/CS Registry could purchase the decals and dash plaques--and certificates (via proof) separately.

Part of this money would go towards placing small ads in Mustang & Ford Magazines for people to join the GT/CS Registry--for all years. This would be a win-win for everyone, since it would greatly open up awareness of the GT/CS..

I'm also working on forming a "Team GT/CS" within the SVTOA, as a separate part of the Registry. More on that later.

Your thoughts???

thanks--Paul N.
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