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Originally Posted by HappyHour View Post
I can take a look at this car if anyone is interested as I live in San Francisco. I should probably go look at my garage to make sure mine is still there.

Factory 4 speed! Hmmm I could take Tim off the line at the next Grass Valley airshow.
...Well the truth is Robert that Renee's car (289 2v C4) DID take me off the line and for quite some distance! I cheated in the long run tho with my 302 4v (tall geared) 4-speed and blew past before the first taxi-way ;-)

Now that you're coming to town, I'm going to have to get serious!

Hey Neil - is it possible to make a 390 motor look and sound like a C-code, but retain its "edge" performance? Robert, if the car I show up in is Highland Green - you'll know we were successful ;-) I'll do anything to make it (seem) fair...

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