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2008 Cruisin' for Cops Memorial Run and Car show

Today the Sacramento Ca. Law Enforcement Chaplaincy put on the 2008 Memorial Motorcycle run and Car show in Placerville, Ca. This Run commemorates fallen officers and benifits the Sacramento Chaplaincy. We took both GT/CSs and the Model A coupe and had a great time. We won the Sheriff's Pick award for the Green car, but better than that was while we were sitting there, a man walked up and said to his buddy, "When I was in High School, Me and a friend took a California Special and customized it by cutting and flaring the fenders". Well, This caught my attention quickly. I stood up and asked him what color the car was. He told me "Candy Jade Green". My jaw dropped open and and I told him the car he was looking at was the car he hacked up. He asked me if it had Leopard skin interior and that confirmed he was the person who modified this car in the 70s.
I asked him who his buddy is, and he told me his name and told me his buddys mother was the original owner of the car. He started telling me things about the car that I knew, but never devulged to anyone. I showed him pictures of the car and he became very excited and said it was the car, and he, his buddy and the High School Auto shop teacher painted the car.
He was sooooo excited he went home and got his wife and brought her back to see the car, as she remembered it from High School. Come to find out, the car was always believed to be from Placer High School in Auburn, Ca., but was in reality from Ponderosa High School in Placerville. He told me he would contact his buddy and would put me in touch with him and his mother for further details. He said they did this in 1976, which is when the car was sold to a car lot in Sacramento. This was the missing link to the full history of the car. I will keep you posted when I make contact with the original owner. Mike
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