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Probably take it apart 2nd week of August. I am trying to drive it as much as possilbe to flesh out any other issues. None so far - the engine is very strong and we gave it really good workout a couple days ago - everything from burn-outs to running it up to about 90mph. I sure wish the engine loud chirping sound wasnt there, because everything else is strong (I may have to adjust the timing or fuel mix a bit - it idles a bit rough). It is just a real annoying loud chirp. I put my stethescope on it and it seems to be coming from the timing cover right aroudn the fuel pump/cam area. It starts up after the car runs for about a minute, and then gets louder and softer while driving. I really cant get a good pattern of when/why other than that. I am so happy with the engine, I really hate to stir up any other problems by taking the front off, but it looks like that is what we have to do. Thanks, Casey

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