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Re:Small Block Top End Performance

Hey thanks for checking your 67 block. When I said hold the lifters in place, I meant keep them from rotating. My mechanic mostly does fuel injection/newer small block fords overhead cam & a few 347s but usually not on old mustangs like my 68 so he just doesnt want to pull off the intake manifold with a cam and lifters and spider kit that wont have a place for the spider kit to bolt to the block. Can you clarify that the hole in the valley at the top of the block, under the intake manifold, is described as a "threaded boss?" probably 5/16 or smaller? Is the name of the lifters I need "lifters that need a bar to connect together?". I am trying to avoid a delay "waiting for parts." For when we would have to exhange the cam. Can someone give me a definitive way to figure out if my block has these holes to hold in the "spider mechanism" in place for hydraulic/roller lifters on a 1968 289 block. One that is bored and stroked to a 347 stroker, bolting on AFR185 aluminum heads with 11:1 compression, Hooker Super Comp Headers, and the expected duration at .05"is in the range of 236-246 lift range .540"-.570". I also need input on the Carburetor for this motor. Is a Holley Street Avenger 670cfm big enough? Could someone recommend a better carb? possibly a demon?
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