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Paul, I don't have pictures, sorry.

But I do want to pass on that manual transmission 6 cylinders were shipped with the thermactor smog system for all US domestic built GT/CS's.

I say this so that you can accurately identify the engine(s) or mention that there are more than one. The 1968 shop manual shows the air pump mounted up high on the drivers side with the Thermactor system, Page 8-30.

For US destined Mustangs:
IMCO was used on automatic equipped cars in 1968.
Thermactor air injection was used on all manual transmission cars in 1968.

Canada used the 1967 style, open PCV system. I have seen mentioned somewhere that 1968 cars in Canada used a 1967 air cleaner too. I got this information years ago from a gentleman with a Canadian Ford Master Parts Catalog.

Scott Behncke
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