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Need Concours 6 Cylinder Engine photos

If possible, I need a few good photos of a concours condition 6-cylinder engine for the book.

I need one taken in the engine bay of a '68 GT/CS. If anyone has one, please PM me, or post here. Include everything on the engine....with the air cleaner and sticker on it, too.

I would also like a photo of a concours 6-cylinder engine sitting out of the engine bay, perhaps on an engine stand <??>

If not "concours" then a very nice original, and very clean version would be fine.

If you have these photos, you can mail me a photo CD, or I can provide you with an e-mail address to download it to me (300DPI).

Since these are so rare, it's hard to find a good photo of one.

Thank you so very much!

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