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Thumbs up Headliner installation tips .... and future projects!

Oh yeah, I talked to a couple of people about the proper way to do the headliner installation first, and the only right way to do it is to pull the front and rear glass out completely to ensure that the ends of the new headliner are 'tucked under" properly and then they won't "shrink back" when it tightens up. The good news is that the interior is already "gutted' anyway to do all the other work, so the headliner is being done properly with the glass out.
We still have a few other small details to take care of when we get it back home, but the repair list is getting shorter by the day .... thank goodness!

PS: We haven't even gotten to my original long term project yet, which is my 65 Mustang Fastback that I'm rebuilding into a tribute GT-350 Shelby clone. I bought it in 1980, drove it for the first three years as it was, and then completely disassembled it into a bare shell, did 3/4 of the body work and got it into primer, ... which is how it has been sitting for the last 25 years! I've had most of the replacement parts for the last 20 years, and they're all still sitting new in boxes tucked away. The driveline is completely rebuilt front to rear, and I have a complete Global West negative roll kit with tubular A-arms for the front end, and stiffer Global West springs for the rear. The Global West frame sub-connectors are already installed underneath to stiffen the body to help handle the 300+ hp Shelby clone 289 engine. After our red GT/CS is completed, the original 65 Mustang project is next on the priority list .... I have promised myself on that one!

Here are some shots of when we trailered it out of our garage and took it out to the same body and paint shop in July of 2005. It's still out there waiting to be completed, and is currently sitting about 20 yards away from our red GT/CS in one of the other nearby shops! With any luck it will end up looking exactly like the beautiful GT-350 Shelby shown in the last photo, as I have the exact same wheels (in 16x8's), an original Shelby hood, and the "oil cooler opening" front valence that uses the original front bumper. It'll be the same colour scheme too of course.
Like so many others, I've wanted to own an original Shelby all of my life, but sadly I just can't justify the cost of the "real deal", so had to settle for a tribute car instead. Sigh ....
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I may have passed my "best before" date, but I haven't reached my "expiry" date!
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