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Red face The work continues ...

Well, still no joy in getting the car back together yet, but it is progressing well. No sense doing anything in "half measures", so we'll do it all right and only once!
IF the car gets back here from the body shop about mid next week, and IF my mechanic friend can schedule some extra time in the next two weeks to help me out, we should JUST make the Northwest Mustang Roundup in Bellevue, Washington in July. Whew!
My dear wife must be getting a bit frustrated about it all though. As we were driving back from a quick trip to the body shop to see how it is all progressing this morning, she commented that maybe we could sell the Mustang GT/CS and buy her a Mazda Miata convertible .....
SAY WHAT! ????
She'd better be joking ....

I may have passed my "best before" date, but I haven't reached my "expiry" date!
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