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Re:Power steering set-up for headers or hipo

[quote author=66 Dearborn HCS link=board=1;threadid=1021;start=0#msg5699 date=1090296103]
[quote author=68gt390 link=board=1;threadid=1021;start=0#msg5697 date=1090287121]
Although there are bolts that hold the bracket in place I would recommend welding it into place after installation. I had the one on my GT come loose with just the bolts so took it back to the muffler shop and they put a solid bead weld around the entire bracket.

The original bracket is bolted on, and all the aftermarket drop brackets I've seen looked exactly the same as the original, just taller. They are bolted on too. I even used the original bolts when I put headers on. No problems here.

I guess if you want to permanently alter your car by welding the bracket in, that's your call. IMHO, your "accident" sounds like really bad luck as opposed to a design flaw to me. First time I've ever heard of any problem with having that drop bracket fall off.

66 Dearborn HCS: As for a design flaw - never said it was a design flaw and as for the bracket falling off, I said it came loose. Besides, if you read the instructions that come with the bracket they recommend tac welding the bracket for added strength. And as to permanently altering my car, the weld can be heated and the bracket removed and the old one put back on.

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