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Originally Posted by 68sunlitgold View Post
Jeff & Donna,
Heck....I wish I would have known you two where going to be there, I too was there from the 10th -15th. I even went to the car show at Hoover Dam on Saturday, spent about 2 hours there. Had a military function (Weapons School Graduation at the Flamingo Sat night) to attend. I have been to Vegas so many times (spend 6 months there attend the Weapons School back in '96) that I actually lost only $5 in a slot machine the whole time I was there. I wish I would have had another day so I could have gone to the museum.....maybe next time.

Donna, maybe we saw each other at the airport on Sunday and did not realize flight left at 7 in the morning (had to get back to family since it was fathers day). I was the good looking guy probably talking on the phone.

Oh man! I got to the airport about 7:45 AM, so I just missed you. I was staying at Bally's. We had our annual charity golf tournament and dinner/huge raffle on Saturday night. I saw some guys in cammies at my hotel......
Okay here is my itinerary for this weekend in case anyone is going to Palm Springs! I drive out there on Friday for a conference, go back to San Berdoo on Saturday for a job fair and then return to Palm Springs. Go back to LA area on Sunday. (I'll be in the company car) We should have a thread here to post where we all are traveling I guess! Small world huh? Note to self: I need to start wearing my GT/CS shirts when I am out of town.

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