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1968 Salvage Title Value

I am A GT/CS mustang lover, Ive been looking for a GT/CS for quite some time now. I'm a very picky person and I'm looking for a Specific one, I recently came across one that I truly thought was the perfect car for me. I looked the car over two different times and was about to put the car on my car carrier, after I had bought the car from this person he handed me the title of the car which read "SALVAGED" across the top of the California Title. I was upset and I called the deal off!! The car is a true California Special That is Ivy Gold. The interior is also Ivy Gold. He is asking 9000.00 for the car. It shows no signs of a bad accident, though I do Know the front passenger fender has been replaced. What value does this Original rust free car have. 74,500 original miles!
I love the car but don't know if I should buy it? I wish I could Take this whole web site with me to look at the car. Any comments are appreciated.
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