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I converted my 302 to dual exhaust - from the manifolds, back - including the GT tips & valance. My engine is bone stock, so I did not opt to change the exhaust manifolds. The dual system, with an 'H' pipe (a MUST) cost about $400. The GT tips, about $90. The repo GT valance from NPD, about $40. Be advised the repro valances do not fit well. The one I got was 3/4" short on the right side, and the left side contour didn't match-up to the rear fender contour. I ended up using my original valance, and had a body shop splice in the exhaust cutout areas. Metal work + paint cost $300. Bottom line, my dual exhaust system cost $800+/-. I like the look & sound, but the jury is still out - deciding if the project was worth the cost.


If my memory serves me correctly, to be CORRECT, GT dual exhausts used a muffler mounted transversely forward of the fuel tank. I think these part$ are $till available (If you get my point)
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