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'67 HCS Columbine Blue Coupe for sale

About the car.. I am seriously considering selling it. I've teetered on this for the past 5 years and i think i'm now ready to just let it go and clear out the garage. Truthfully i was wanting 8k for the car.. but after looking it over and hearing that fixing a cowl vent might be a major fix. I've kinda changed my tune to 7k.

A little history on the car.
I purchased the car June 15th, 1990 from a man in Missouri. His son had used it while in college. I located the the ad in a classified section of a local paper named "The Big Nickel" and purchased the car for $1500. It was always intending to fix up the car for our local parade and a 'sunday driving car' but never quite made it that far.

Here are the things that i know have been done to the car.

Repainted in 1990, the body, trunk, engine, engine compartment and inside doors.
New rocker panels and all new chrome lettering except trunk & hood lettering.
New rear bumper w/bumper guards.
New tires and reproduction hub caps.. (red centers).
New outside mirror '67 square.. originally had '66 round(in trunk)
New interior door panels with all new chrome handles
New seat covers and seat backs (still in box in trunk)
New Kenwood radio and new bezel (still in boxes)
also still has original radio w/bezel in car
New dash molding black plastic
New brakes @ brake cylinders on front (need bled spongy)
New exhaust system from engine all the way back, we split the exhaust from one tailpipe to two.

Remember all this was done way back in the 90's.. so some wear and aging has taken place due to car sitting.

Problems 'that i see'.

Scratch in hood.. a few dings in the body.. passenger rear quarter panel starting to rust again.. and minor rust starting under back lip of trunk lid.. some minor spots under paint..

COWL Vent leaks.. After finding the leak (the car set one year behind my fathers garage before i had a garage of my own) in the spring.. the drivers floor panel had water standing.. we dried it and undercoated the floor panel and lifted the carpet and pad to dry.. a little mildew smell remains in the carpet/pad.

The engine does start and run but car has only been driven in and out of the garage for the past decade.

The backup lights sometimes work.. off and on as i remember. Probably needs a new switch on transmission.

Drivers seat is missing a hold down bolt.. so seat rocks.

Rear windows stay up and crank down.. but can be pushed down by hand. (somethings not right there)

Interior fan makes a squalking noise.

Front windshield has windshield wiper scratches in it.

I'm not trying to cheat anyone is why i'm trying to be so honest as to what i think is wrong/right with this vehicle. However, this would make a good project car for a HCS enthusiast seeking a classic mustang and show car.

Engine is a 289 2 barrel.
3 speed transmission.
the vin # is missing the color code (which is correct for a '67 HCS and has the original badges which were NOT removed during repainting) original brass pins hold them in tact.

Also i've never sold a vehicle outside a dealership.. so i'm new to that learning curve too. I do have the title handy though. And car hasn't been tagged in awhile.


$7k would be the price i'd ask. I know it needs some work but mostly TLC i think to make this a decent driver. Should you be interested and need additional info, please ask or call.

Pictures of this car are located in the Gallery under Gioman. Also i do have a deluxe marti on this car but no scanner to display it.

Jim G. (620)347-8617
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