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480 for carb and 120 for core it comes out to 600. Even if you send in a core they charge 10 here and 35 there for worn or missing parts and it will still be 5 to 6 in the end. Jon is direct and uses few words. So don't be offfended by his phone personality. Total class act. He will bend over backwards to help you install and trobelshoot. Give him your cam specs for proper jetting. For a mild performance build I recomend Edlbrock 2122, matching roller gear and Comp Cam 6.1 roller tip rail type rockers. With a 30 over bore this will produce a low 15 sec 1/4 mile car. (See thread on 302 1/4 results). Jon is currently building another 4300 for my GT/CS Wolf in Sheeps Clothing 347 stroker. You need to get you Distibutor ballanced to match your cam and the vac checked. My new carb resulted in 23 vac at 725 idel. Your auto is 8 I think and the increased vac will rupture a worn vac diapharm. Its a nightmare tying to find the leak. Sent you a PM with number.

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