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That's why they make chocolate & vanilla ice cream!! (Different strokes for different folks) I bought the car that I had from the original owner (a nurse) about 1985. It was ragged & rusted. Candyapple Red, red interior. Engine had a rod knock, exhaust manifold cracked (a common problem on the 6 bangers). I took it back to the original configuration throughout. I sold the car to a guy that was looking for a car for his 16 year old son. I told him it was just what he needed for a youngster - it looked sporty, and he sure wouldn't kill himself in it, and it had all the creature comforts. I had also called the nurse to see if she would like to see her old car. She almost fainted! "My gosh, that's exactly how it looked when I first drove it home." It was a really nice car, just a little anemic in the HP department. But you know, some folks aren't looking for earth shaking power. IMO, this 6 cyl C/S is a rarity worth keeping in its original status.


I've seen Pauls photos of what they had to overcome in their restoration. IMO, they deserve the Medal of Honor & an Academy Award for valor & talent!!
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