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The first thing I'd want to look at is the quality of the metal repairs. I've seen some truly ugly patch jobs, and it can run some cash to cut it out and redo it correctly. Second, I'd offer about $5K and see what he says. If you do most of the work yourself, and replace/rebuild everything, you're going to drop another $15-$20K on it. If you have it all done, double that. As always, it's cheaper to buy one already done, but if you restore it yourself, you know exactly what you're getting, and it's done the way you want.


Thanks Steve!! Actually 5k is what I have in mind to offer and still thinking. A Craigslist add that Donna posted for a J-code GT/CS that I was second in line to make an offer sold to the first person that went for 6K and it had the engine and transmission but was sitting for over 20 years...
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