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Ah, it took a few minutes for my memory bank to spool up. Wasn't this the one we discussed early March? (vintageracer, Hollywood,TN) As I recall, it looked like a GOOD candidate for restoration. A 'T' code 6 cyl C/S is a rare bird, and if it were me, I'd keep it that way (MHO). Sight unseen, $7K seems OK with everything there (except eng & trans) and in good condition. If I were 10 years younger, I'd grab that baby, rotisserie it, and have a rare configuration model. I once did a '68 coupe, 6 cyl, A/T, A/C & P/S. It didn't smoke the rear tires, but was a sweet ride. Good luck, whatever you decide.


If purchased I definetly will keep ita 6 cil although not a big fan of the 6 cyl but given the fact that its a GT/CS and they only made less than 50 I think will keep it original. It has a nice color combo: Acapulco Blue and parchment interior... owner will send me more pictures in weekend
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