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I just, last week got permission from Galpin Ford to use the CX-1 name. I think I'll stick with that (and not CX-2, because it's confusing).

Quick question-- would you want a separate 2007, and a 2008 decal? I might be able to get production numbers on 2007, and maybe 2008 for the decal.

Or--are you OK with a combo 2007-2008 decal as one?

The CX-1 decal will be a rectangle, and in gold and black also, and it will say "CX-1, California Xperimental ONE, HIGH PERFORMANCE

(the '68 version will be in 60's graphics, and the 2007-2008 version will be in contemporary graphics--like the lettering on the side stripe. We could indicate in the registry of it's a CX-1, too!!)


Paul N.
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