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Originally Posted by PNewitt View Post
OK, it's going to happen.... I'm going to make the late model window decal and batch it in with the '68 decals next week.

I would like to know from the late model owners:

-- Is gold and black OK? Yes

-- Is round OK? oval, or square, triangular or another shape? Round

-- What side of the car would you like on the decal? Side view, rear, front or 3/4 view of front or rear? (I will include the new stripe graphics). 3/4 front

-- I was going to include a small '68 CS in the background to hint of the original one, to honor it's heritage. Yes

-- Anything else you'd like to see on this decal? Remember--it has to be kinda simple. What about this web address? Yes for address if it doesn't clutter

This decal will be a great way to get late model owners to join the registry, (and it's one more thing that the Roush and Saleen and Shelby cars won't have on them...LOL)

I'd love to hear your comments and ideas. Time is of the essence, so get your thoughts posted here ASAP.


Paul N.

p.s. I'm also doing a CX-1 Decal for High Performance GT/CSs, same decal will be used for both for '68 and '07-'08s with HP parts on it.
See comments above


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