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Exclamation More about this car...

It had a C4 Automatic and not much else......My insurance guys can't find the VIN, Krug has been sold to Demmer.........I wanted to chase it down Eureka that night I saw it, but it was long gone before I could get to my car.

I manage a very nice jewelry store in Southgate, Michigan and I would gladly provide anyone that could either get me a name and number or give my nmae and number to it's current owner..

My name is Michael Porzondek, I can be reached at either 734-502-5458 or 734-284-1315 at work. I can can be called ANYTIME. I just want to try to reconnect with my past, my deceased father and all the time I spent fixing this car.....

I live in Belleville, Michigan now but would travel anywhere at anytime and would love to talk to the current owners EVEN if they have no intention of ever parting with this car again.
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