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Exclamation More about this car.....

It was an amateur had red interior, EAGLE GT TIRES, it had new interior, headliner, door panels, carpet but the engine was left untouhed....( I was 19 and ran out of money!! ) I am going to look for some photos to post...I really want to find this car....When i sold it I was getting married and has a lousy $4500.00 IN DEBT I WANTED PAID OFF.....God what I wouldn't trade for that now !!

I have been looking for nearly 15 years and I JUST KNOW IT IS STILL HERE.....I just want to find it...If I would have know that my Dad would have died suddenly 3 years after I sold it, it would still be in my garage!

IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFO, PLEASE HELP ME contact the owner.....
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