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Exclamation Please Help Me In Michigan !!!!!!!

In the summer of 1982 I bought a Candyapple Red GT/CS in LaMirada, California and brought it home. It was a basic 289 2V with Red interior. Along with my now deceased father, we restored it and like an idiot, I sold it.

I STILL THINK IT IS IN MICHIGAN AS I SWORE I SAW IT DRVING DOWN EUREKA ROAD one Monday night back in the fall of 2005 in front of Yack Arena...I have searched high and low for a VIN but can find it. I just want to speak to whomever owns it and beg them if they ever sell it to give me the first shot.

I sold it in September of 1987 and it was purchased off of the center of the sales floor at the old Krug Lincoln-Mercury shortly after. It had Customized state of Michigan front plates that read GT/CS, it had 2 dash badges from Dearborn shows and it has Stainless GT wheels...It had no factory air or really any options...The driver's side GT/CS stripe was cut poorly at the backof the front wheel well (that's how I JUST KNEW it was my CAR !!)..If you know anything of this car , PLEASE CALL ME.....Michael, 734-502-5459.
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