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Re:Registry inquire

as bish stated, the car is in the registry book, some one took the time to find out about the car which is good thing. The break down of the door tag is:

model year: 1968
built at: San Jose (Milpitas, CA)
bodystyle: Hardtop
engine: 302 CID - 4V
consecutive #: 150463
body series: Hardtop - standard-trim bucket seats
scheduled assy.: March 13, 1968
exterior color: "Diamond Blue"
interior trim: Light Ivy Gold crinkle vinyl w/ Medium Ivy Gold "kiwi"-pattern vinyl inserts
sales office (DSO): San Jose, CA ("SK")
axle ratio: 3.00:1 "conventional"
transmission: "C-4" automatic

The signs are all postive as to it being a true CS, but you should still get the report. If you request Kevin to do a quick turn, he will fax it to you within a couple of hours. Good Luck!

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