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I had to choose between a black '07 Shelby-H and the '08 Cali last Oct. Liked the Shelby a LOT but the only difference (besides 50 more HP) was the shifter, the snub nosed hood, the hood locks, 500 less audio wattage, stripes (gold), and $7k more. See my gallery pic of them both. I was proud that my dealer today joked about wanting to trade my Cali for the '08 Shelby-H. We even went for a test drive, but I came home with my beloved Cali. He said KITT has crazed people to buy up the black GTs.
No, I won't alter my '08 with any stripe other than the GT/CS side stripe. If I wanted a Shelby I would've purchased it instead. I may yet... that black KR is a beauty!!!

P.S. Dealer had 2 '08 candy apple CS coupes and one '08 white CS convertible.

ISO well behaved, dependable, and determined CS.
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