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I may have to sell my GT/CS to publish my book..

Within the next two weeks, I'll be mailing another flier to the folks of the GT/CS Registry--with an update on the book, and about the 40th Anniversary GT/CS Event at Galpin Ford in Los Angeles (April 19th), and I'll be promoting the book for some more pre-orders to finance it's printing. I'll have to take a few days away from the book to get this update/flier in the mail--to about 800 people.

Before I continue, I wish to THANK ALL OF YOU that have ordered the book so far., and to those who have sent me copies of their Marti Report, photos, and related materials for the Registry.

There is a big hump that I'll need to get over do get the book printed. This is not to say that the book won't happen, it's just that getting there will take some "doing", and a lot of work and shuffling--hopefully without too much delay. So, here are the details....

This year's licence with Ford, and the required liability insurance for the license of the book has cost me to this point, about $8,000.

I have solicited several bids for the printing of this book (which will be a nice book, but not over-extravagant). The lowest bid was under $25,000 for 2,000 copies. I've applied for credit to pay for the book, which is in the works. I've also checked out digital printing--on demand for less cost, too, but the process is not feasable for what I'm trying to do....

At this point, I have received about 180 pre-orders for books. Some have sent in the full $100 book price, which I greatly appreciate. Two owners have sent in pre-orders for 10 or more books at one time--which is astounding!!

But, here is the crux of the situation. I may need to sell my personal "S" code maroon GT/CS to pay for the printing of the book (this is the cover car --"author's car"-- for my 1989 GT/CS book, photographed at the Golden Gate bridge).

As a shock as this may seem to some of you, I am at a crossroads where I need to do this to make this book happen. This has weighed heavily on my mind recently, but I am commited to doing this (fantastic!) book, especially with the license process started with Ford, and the number of pre-orders I've received. I have offered my GT/CS to an unnamed contact, and we'll see how this pans out. If they are not interested, I'll post the details about my GT/CS, and see who might be interested in buying it. So, we'll cross that bridge when I get to it. I've wrestled with what to do with my GT/CS for many years now, and although I've got 34 years of fond memories tied to this baby of mine, it may be time to look for another home to take good care of it.

I would like to entertain the idea of anyone who would like to invest in the publishing of the book. I won't hold up the book without the money to print it. As of this time, I have a late-April/May '08 release projected as my target date. It means a lot to me to follow through with this book project to you all, even if it means "sacrificing" by the sale of my GT/CS.

Thank you for your time and thanks for your orders and support!

Paul Newitt
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