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Odds & Ends photos & stuff I need for the book...

While working on the book, I made up a list of some things that I need help with. If you have a way to come up with some answers, or photos, that would be great! THANKS!!

Here is the list so far:

A photo of along side of the rear quarter panel, showing the slight dimpling of the holes for the rear script (i.e. telephoto).

Photo of the bare metal holes and that "rib" on the taillight panel, where they were cut for the T-Bird lights.

Good photos of the Sonny & Cher Mustangs

Photos of Los Angeles streets in 1967, with cars, etc..

Photos of a '67-68 Plymouth GTX

A way to contact Road & Track photographer Pete Biro (circa 1967)

Find an original GT/CS with orig stripes, for close ups of how the stripes were folded over--or not.

A.O Smith Logo (and what does the word "Inland" mean in that name"?)

About the Hertz GT/CS that we talked about here.

Photos of a seat retrofitted with the recall parts, circa 1975-6

About the HCS Carb recall

A photo of an original "spray-on vinyl top"

Landau Irons accessory on a GT/CS roof side panel.

photo of an Gulfstream Aqua GT/CS without a vinyl top

photo of a turn signal switch in a steering column, with the wheel removed

Photos of a GT/CS at a Barrett-Jackson Auction

photos of a Hood Tach

photos of a GT/CS converted for autocross events

photos of a space saver in a GT/CS trunk--original??

Photos of the '07 GT/CS toy cars

photos of a 427 in a '68 Mustang--stock and original

Photos of a Tunnel Port 302--stock setup--anywhere.


You can either post here--or via PM to me, assuming that my mailbox won't be full from this one!! LOL!!


Paul N.
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