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Hope this helps ya Neil...

OK, first you'll need to hook your digital camera up to your computer with it's USB cable, or whatever method that camera model uses to hook up to your computer, then locate the "drive" w/assigned drive letter once the computer is done recognizing your camera unless you're automatically presented with the option to go directly to it. If not, you can get to it by opening My Computer and looking for the drive there and opening it up to access your photos. Now you can either leave them there taking note of the drive letter assigned and when you click the browse button in the gallery edit page (described in detail below) simply browse to that drive and then to the photo you want to upload and follow the steps below. Or you can copy or move the photo(s) to your computer and browse to that location instead.

Now, go to and navigate to your Gallery, you can go to the Gallery home page then click on the View My Gallery link towards the top. Then click on your gallery (or the one you want to edit if you have more than one) then underneath the title of your gallery you should see the following (in your case): franklinair's Forums Photo Gallery and next to that you'll need to click on the link labeled [Edit] (don't click on the [Delete] link unless you want to blow it away). You should be taken to the page where you can now edit your gallery. If all you want to do is add pics then scroll down to the section labeled:
Maximum Images allowed: 25
Maximum Image Size: 10002400
Then to the right you'll see where you can enter a description for the photo then below that you can click on the button to browse to where the photo you want to add is located on your computer, after you've browsed to the photo you want to add and click the Open button in the dialog box that came up to browse in you should see the photo added in your photo list towards the bottom. You'll need to repeat those steps to add the next one and so on. You'll see that you can also edit the description of your gallery as well in case you want to add any verbage.

I hope that was detailed enough and helps you out. We all want to check out your pics!

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