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Re:exhaust manifold bolts

On my '68 GT and my GT/CS, there are the four long, entended stud/bolts that you describe, and they initially held brackets that allowed the factory to install the engine. These installation brackets were mounted with two exhaust manifold stud/bolts. One bracket was mounted on the driver side at the rear of the engine (the sixth and eighth bolt on the manifold, counting back from the front of the engine) and the other stud/bolts were mounted on the pasenger side (the third and fifth bolt back form the front).

Once the engine was installed, these brackets were supposed to be taken off (although some were left on the driver side). The stud/bolts on the passenger side were then used to mount the air intake shroud. Nuts were not re-installed on the driver side stud/bolts if the bracket was removed. I have the driver side bracket on one of my '68 Mustangs, but do not have it on my GT/CS.

If you have a bracket, it is painted Ford Corporate Blue, like the rest of the engine.

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