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Originally Posted by hicountrybob View Post
HERE YOU GO, BOYS AND GIRLS!!!! Mustang Monthly, January 2008., pages 68,69,70, and 71, a "Now for the rest of the Story" article. The complete hot skinny on the Sports Sprint pkg. for 1966,'67 and '68 MUSTANGS--- SPRINT PACKAGE A AND SPRINT PACKAGE B. The complete scoop, a " must save reference" for us. Don't miss it, as it will answer all of our questions on THE SPORTS SPRINT PACKAGES. GO!!!!! Hicountry Bob here.

Just got home home from getting my magazine and read up on on the sports package. I'm totally sure i've got it on this mustang. If its the same bright rocker panels that are on the '68 in the picture then those i have as well.. Not sure what they mean by pastel colors, would that mean the columbine blue color or were those interior colors? confused here?
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