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I'd be curious of how badly the cowl is rusted. Two ways to look. First, look up underneath the dash (on the driver's side, as you said that was where water came through). You may want to remove the round vent unit on the bottom side so you can see the area where the vent is. It may be as simple as a small rusted pin hole, or worse yet, more extensive area. But you should visually check it out to see if the rusted area is minor or major. I'd also look at the passenger side in case some preventative maintenance is required there also. You can get limited access into the cowl by removing the fender (no big deal) and cutting the outboard end area of the now exposed cowl metal. This can be about 6 inches X 4 inches - enough to actually see inside the cowl, and even get your hand inside for cleaning, treating, and repairing the rusted area. The small section that you cut out can be MIG'd back on when the work is completed. It's never visible when the fender is re-installed, and can be neatly finished. Wish I was closer to you. I've repaired a couple like this, and its not as difficult as you may believe. Hope this helps.
Neil Hoppe
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