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Originally Posted by wally05 View Post
Great looking car. :) The cowl damage might hurt the value a little bit b/c that is an expensive fix for a shop to do. If you find a real mustang guy to buy it, he'll probably be able to do it himself. I'm sure Bob will get the info for ya on values.

Sports Sprint was a package you could buy that added some extras to the car. I didn't know they had the v8 sprint package for '67. Here is some info on it at least for '68 cars...

The center console sat on the transmission hump between the front seats and extended up to the dash into the radio area. Yours doesn't seem to have it. I have a 3-speed also. :)

Thanks for the information Wally. I've been doing some searches on the sports sprint package for the '67 mustang and found a web site that helped with it a bit. I guess it did exist, but wasn't anything all that fancy. Mainly it consisted from what i found of a chromed air breather cover w/ sports sprint decals, power steering pump, and louvered hood w/turn signals. There might be more to it, but thats all i got out of the article.

I was a little shocked to think that the cowl might take so much work to repair and found an article that explained how to replace them.. 200 spot welds to drill.. wow, thats alot of work even after removing the windshield and dash pad. I'm just worried now that i can't find someone to do the work that i trust won't take shortcuts.
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