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Thanks for your concern, JBART. I appreciate it.

So far, what I've received are VINs and long numbers for data plates. I usually get paperwork from the dealer with the options, etc. Most everyone has sent photos, too. Either prints or CDs (I prefer photo CDs).

I guess I would like the following--to make it consistent:

Copy of Invoice, incl. VIN and list of options
any other paperwork of interest, and interesting ownership stories (??)
the Ford printout of the car's production (but this is a LONG document, and may take up a lot of room in my files).

WHAT I REALLY NEED....are photos of one of each color for the book. I'm dedicating a page for each year ('07/'08), and photos of each color offered for that year. I'll make a needs list ASAP--and do it on this thread.

thanks again!

Paul N.
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