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Gioman, well, Paul Newitt DID NOT forward the info to me, but I just entered it in the '67 registry. It would be good to enter the exterior color? power steering? floor console? wheels, std w/ full caps? style steel (bone) wheels? rocker mouldings? stainless trunk and quarter extension mouldings? AND whatever else I may have overlooked. ANY history or "buying" info/story you wish to share?? Thank you, 'cause that just filled in another "gap" in the numbers. Bob Teets here H-303-424-3866.

The exterior color of my stang is columbine blue, i did have it repainted back in 1991. It does have power steering and 'hub caps' red centers. (these i've replaced.. tossed the originals, not knowing their value.) As for floor console, its a standard 3 speed and all i have is a shifter, no console if thats what you mean. I've no idea what rocker mouldings are but the fuel tank is stainless steel i believe if thats what you mean by the trunk. The hood has blinkers in it.

One thing it does have that i'm not sure about is on the air cleaner. The lid is chromed and says sports sprint. I'm not sure what this entails if its just another badge of honor for the engine or what, if you could help?

I'm sorry i'm not much help identifying what i have.. I'm sure pictures would help you more. The actual reason i stopped work on my mustang is because of the cowl vent. After spending the funds to have it painted, i returned home to find that the cowl leaked on the drivers side. So the car has been garaged ever since. It also has only one rust spot on the passenger rear quarter panel that returned. It was the only rust on the car when i had it repainted. Since garaging it i pull it out once or twice a year to maintain the engine and let it run for about 30 minutes while i wash the dust from it. Thats about it, except for the nail scrape in the hood when i had the hood open backing it out of the garage and the top caught a nail. So mad i just parked it and come back inside the house. The interior needs work.. i've new seat covers in the trunk and a new radio to replace the original am radio that also never got done. Its still after all these years a work in progress.
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