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Originally Posted by Gioman View Post
Thanks for responding HC Bob, i have the vin and id numbers from the tag.

vin 7R01C224633 and 65A _ 2B 30F 51523 4 01

Upon searching the trunk i found an '89 copy of Paul's book 'GT/California Special' as well as a letter response from him that stated that he would forward my information to you. So i'm thinking i might already be in your registery. Post dated Aug. 12, 1991.

As for pictures, at the moment i've got a broken camera.. batteries blew up in my digital. oops. I'll work on it though.

Thanks for your help.
Gioman, well, Paul Newitt DID NOT forward the info to me, but I just entered it in the '67 registry. It would be good to enter the exterior color? power steering? floor console? wheels, std w/ full caps? style steel (bone) wheels? rocker mouldings? stainless trunk and quarter extension mouldings? AND whatever else I may have overlooked. ANY history or "buying" info/story you wish to share?? Thank you, 'cause that just filled in another "gap" in the numbers. Bob Teets here H-303-424-3866.
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