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Historical Prices

OK I have no time on my hand so why not take on something else...

I want to come up with an historical record of GT/CS and HCS sales. I'm thinking of something like this...

Historical Prices of GT/CS and HCS Mustangs
Date Sold - 1/1/2008
Year - 1968
Type - GT/CS
Color - Acapulco Blue
GT - No
Engine - 289
Transmission - Auto
Type of Sale - Private
Condition - 2 (Condition is on a scale of 1 to 6 with 1 being top condition and 6 being a parts car)
Selling Price $50,000

If everyone is interested I wouldn't mind doing this.
If you have info you want to submit to me I'll keep it anonymous - just PM me the info. I don't need to know if you sold it or bought it or saw it on eBAy. It would be helpful to get the info on the selling price mainly and some other info like above.

Other suggestions on data to capture would be good too.

I'll look back to some old info I have as well and add it.

If you guys think it's worth it let me know and I'll start a report like this and post it periodically.

Would be interesting to see the trends over time I think.

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