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Originally Posted by Gioman View Post
Hello, i'm new to finding and posting on your web forum and deeply appreciate the information you have assembled on the HCS mustangs.

I've had my HCS since i was 21, now 18 years, in the garage. Originally when purchasing the car i wanted to paint it a grey color but upon finding out it was 'different' i hung on to it and had it painted back to its original latex columbine blue color. A color to be honest i'm not all that fond of but have held on to. The car itself has been driven 400 miles since i've owned it and i believe, without looking, it has 125k miles on the odometer.

What i'm asking of yous is that should i not finish restoring this vehicle.. what would a '67 HCS be worth in a price range. It's a coupe, 289 engine, 3 speed transmission.. needs work but the engine runs as i start it twice a year and back it out of the garage and then back in. Just curious. Thank yous.
Would you give me the vin number and 2nd line on the door tag. I may have it in the registry and/or have a prior history for you if you like. Hard for us to give you an educated value w/o pictures and more info about any prior floor, quarter or door rust and/or damage and PS? console? 4V? deluxe int? S?S wheels and whatever else, overall condition. Will be looking for more info from you, and welcome to our wonderful site. Bob Teets here, registrar of the 1966-67-68 High Country Registry.
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